Cascade Park

Cascade Park

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Why So Empty?

In my previous post I mentioned that my flight from Chicago to Mexico City was around two thirds empty.  Was it simply because Tuesdays are light travel days?  No, Alejandro says that Mexicans are staying away from the United States in droves.  Due to the political climate in the U.S., many Mexicans who have valid visas and who would otherwise be vacationing or visiting family north of the border, are either afraid to come to the United States or simply do not wish to spend their money in Trumpland.

Why would a Mexican with a visa be afraid to come to the U.S?  Well, Alejandro told me another example of a Mexican with a valid visa being turned away at the border... in this case it happened to an acquaintance of his.  The fellow has a job in Mexico City with an international company and makes frequent business trips to the United States.  On his last visit, the immigration officer looked at the businessman's cell phone.  When the officer found an anti-Trump cartoon on his Facebook page, he denied the Mexican entrance and permanently revoked his visa.  Now the fellow is worried that he is going to lose his job.
Incidents such as this make my blood boil!

Alejandro says that some of the Mexican airlines are talking about curtailing their service to the United States because of low ridership.  After having finally discovered the joy of flying to Mexico on Interjet Airlines, I hope that they do not eliminate service to Chicago!


  1. Your story about the Mexican businessman whose visa was revoked makes my blood boil, too.

    I usually fly United to MEX, either direct from LAX or, lately, via IAH. My experience has almost always been positive, despite the dearth of bad publicity that United often receives. They've even brought snacks back!

    But I agree with your sentiments about Interjet, and it's always nice to have other options, especially ones that don't charge a premium to check a bag or have extra legroom.

    Have a great trip! I might back down there in July. In the meantime, I'm still going over photos from my most recent trip.


    1. I've not had any problems with United either, but recently they seem to have become very stingy with their bookings using frequent flyer miles. For this trip I should have had more than enough miles for my airfare to and from Mexico. But all of a sudden they have doubled the number of miles required for the flight home from Mexico City. That's part of the reason why I booked with Interjet instead.

      July? Aw, that will be my month back home in Ohio.