Cascade Park

Cascade Park

Monday, April 24, 2017

Under the Weather

As mentioned in my previous post, Alejandro and I took a weekend excursion to Tlalpujahua.  I noticed on Saturday that I was coughing quite a bit.  Saturday night I had a slight fever.  I felt good enough the next morning to do some more wandering around the town, but that wore me out.  I slept most of the way as we drove back to Mexico City. 

When we got back to the apartment I still felt extremely tired, and Alejandro convinced me that I should see a doctor.  We went to a nearby pharmacy with a "consultario médico“.  The doctor took my temperature (I still had a low grade fever), listened to my lungs (they were clear) and looked at my throat.  She said that I had an infection, and made out a prescription for three drugs that I should take. 

The consultation with the doctor cost 50 pesos... less than $3 U.S. ... and it cost me around $25 U.S. to fill the prescriptions.

This morning I am feeling considerably better.  I will stay in the apartment except for a quick trip to the supermarket.  I'm going to make myself a pot of chicken soup. 

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