Cascade Park

Cascade Park

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A Taste of Poland

The restaurant scene in Mexico City offers much more than just great Mexican food.  Cuisines from all over the world are represented here.  Last Saturday, Alejandro and I went just around the corner to a Polish restaurant called "Mazurka".  Pope John Paul II dined here on his visits to Mexico City.

The restaurant has an elegant, Old World atmosphere with white tablecloths, a fellow playing the piano, and very formal service.

Alejandro started with cold strawberry soup, which he said was very good.

I had borscht, beet soup, which was something I had never had before.  It was not bad.

For our main course, Alejandro had steak smothered in mushrooms.  I had a traditional dish called "bigos", a stew of meats (beef, veal, pork, and kielbasa) with cabbage and sauerkraut.

Our meal was very good, as were the atmosphere and service.  It was rather expensive by Mexican standards.  With dessert and beverage the bill for the two of us came to $55 U.S.  I couldn't help but compare this place with a Polish restaurant in the Cleveland area called "Babushka's".   Unfortunately "Babushka's" closed when the owner retired, but for a long time it was a favorite of mine.   It was a "no-frills" place, and much cheaper, but the food was excellent... better than "Mazurka".  I think that John Paul II would have enjoyed it. 

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