Oaxaca mural

Oaxaca mural

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Sunday Market

Every Sunday, just steps away from my apartment, and practically in the shadow of the Mexico City World Trade Center, a centuries-old, Mexican tradition occurs... the "tianguis" or outdoor market.  Most neighborhoods will have a "tianguis" once a week.  In the neighborhood of Condesa, where I used to stay, it is on Tuesday; in Alejandro's neighborhood it is on Saturday.  Here in the "colonia Nápoles" on Sundays Filadelfia Avenue is closed to traffic, and block after block of vendors' stalls are set up.

The vendors sell clothing, shoes, housewares, cosmetics, (pirated) CDs and DVDs, flowers, cheap jewelry...

...and of course they sell food.  The "tianguis" is like an outdoor supermarket.  I picked up some vegetables here to make soup.  Alejandro had to laugh at my shopping strategy.  Most Mexicans will buy their produce by the kilo or half kilo.  I would ask for one squash, three tomatoes, or one pepper.

The displays of fresh fruits and vegetables in the "tianguis" are always a colorful sight.

The "mamey" is one of numerous fruits which are common in Mexico but which are virtually unknown north of the border.

Just a few oranges!

And a few mangos!

All kinds of candies to satisfy the Mexican sweet tooth

This vendor hammed it up for the photo, cradling the chicken in his arms like a baby.

Sheets of "chicharrones", fried pork rinds

Although modern supermarket chains are found throughout the country nowadays, the tradition of the "tiaguis" fortunately is still very much alive in Mexico.


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  1. One of the cool things about where I live is the Saturday Tianguis on Calle Bajio. I put together some footage to make a video of it, but have never gotten around to editing it into a presentable format. Maybe today while it's raining yet again.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where most of the shopping options involve large corporations.