Cascade Park

Cascade Park

Saturday, April 15, 2017

A Neighboring Neighborhood

On Thursday I took a walk from my apartment and headed west into the adjacent "colonia" or neighborhood of "San Juan de los Pinos".  There is not anything of great touristic interest there, but it is a pleasant area.  It is not as upscale as Nápoles where I am staying, but it appears to be solidly middle to upper-middle class.  Unlike Nápoles, there are few high-rise apartment buildings and more single-family dwellings.  There is none of the urban decay that I saw the previous day in Tacubaya.  Perhaps it was because it is Holy Week, but the side streets were exceptionally tranquil; it seemed as if I were in a provincial town instead of the big city.

Wandering the peaceful streets of "San Juan de los Pinos"

There is a shady park with the typical bandstand in the center.

The market building which faces the park is decorated with some interesting mural paintings.

Nearby is the parish church.  It was built in the twentieth century, but has a traditional style of architecture.

The interior is quite elegant and features some beautiful stained glass windows.

Thanks to fellow-blogger Scott, the author of "Gringopotpourri" for telling me about this corner of the city.


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Glad you had a nice visit.


    1. You're welcome, and thanks again for telling me about the neighborhood. I may have to go there again. I read that there are the remains of a small pyramid there.

    2. Yes, I believe it's the pyramid of Mixcoac. It was not open to the public when I went there in 2014, but that may have changed. It's closer to metro San Antonio than to metro San Pedro de los Pinos. I walked partway up the ramp that leads to the upper level of Periferico and was able to get a few good pics looking down.

    3. I think I read that it's on the grounds of the local cultural center.