Oaxaca mural

Oaxaca mural

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Sunset in Tlalpujahua

Last Saturday after our exploration of the town of Tlalpujahua, it was early evening before we ate.  We went to a place called "La Terraza", a rooftop restaurant atop the "House of Santa Claus" (see previous post).  There were not a huge number of dining choices here, but I think we ended up at the best place in town.  It certainly was the restaurant with the best view in town.

We started off with a delicious soup called "sopa de la milpa" (soup of the cornfield).  In addition to corn it contained "chayote" (a Mexican vegetable), squash and Swiss chard.

For my main dish I had "cecina", thin slices of beef that has been salted, marinated and dried.  Served with it was a "corunda", a triangular shaped "tamal" that is typical of the state of Michoacán, rice, beans and an "enmolada", a tortilla covered in "mole".

Alejandro had a traditional dish of Michoacán, chunks of pork served with "verdolagas", a green plant which is called purslane in English.

We finished with slices of a cake flavored with "cajeta", Mexican caramel.

We purposely ate our meal in a very leisurely manner because we could see that this would be a good spot from which to view the sunset.  Indeed, it was the perfect ending to a very tasty meal.

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