Cascade Park

Cascade Park

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

We Want Cake!

"Queremos pastel, pastel, pastel
Queremos pastel, pastel, pastel..."

"We want cake" sung to the tune of the "Blue Danube Waltz"

On Sunday I wanted to buy a birthday cake for Alejandro.  We didn't go to one of the major bakery chains such as "El Globo" or "Esperanza", but rather to a small, independent bakery where Alejandro has bought some good cakes in the past.  I let him pick out the cake that he wanted, and he chose an almond, cream custard cake.

We took the cake back to Alejandro's family's home, and there we had a small celebration with his father, sister and nephew.

We did the traditional singing of "Las Mañanitas"... and the pushing of his face in the cake.  (His little nephew is always in charge of that.)  It just didn't seem the same, however, without his mother there.

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