Cascade Park

Cascade Park

Saturday, April 14, 2018

About the Weather

The weather has been crazy all over.  In Ohio they had 70 degree temperatures in February and snow in April.  The northeast was hit by one nor'easter after another.  And here in Mexico City it seems as if the rainy has already arrived.  The rains don't usually come until June... often, ironically, around the Day of St. John the Baptist.  But almost every day since I came here there has been rain in the late afternoon or evening.  Sometimes the rain is just in certain parts of the city.  Sometimes it is just a "chipichipi"... a light drizzle... and other times we have had thunderstorms. 

Because of the rain, the temperatures have been more moderate.  Usually April is one of the hottest months of the year.  There have only been a couple of days where the high temperature has been above 80, but there have been a couple nights where a jacket was necessary in the evening.

Most of the time the rain has not interfered with my activities.  However, on Thursday afternoon I was walking back to the apartment when it started to rain... and it was more than just a "chipichipi".  And I didn't have an umbrella with me.  Fortunately I was on Insurgentes Avenue, and I was close to a Metrobus stop.  Shortly after I got on the bus, it started to pour.  People had to close the windows on the bus because the rain was coming inside.  When I got off at the World Trade Center, I had to wait under the shelter of the bus stop for twenty minutes until the rain finally subsided, and I was able to walk the last couple blocks to my apartment.

BUT, today, Saturday, the weather was absolutely perfect... warm and sunny and no rain at all.

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