Cascade Park

Cascade Park

Friday, April 13, 2018


On my last trip I reported on the "Ecoducto", a pedestrian / bicycle path being constructed along the median strip of the "Viaducto Miguel Alemán", one of the city's major expressways.  It stretches for about a mile from a point to the west of Insurgentes Avenue to its eastern end at Monterrey Avenue.

I wrote that I thought that it was a very cool idea but I feared that it would not be maintained.  I imagined that the gardens that line the path would soon be choked with weeds and litter. 

The entrances on Insurgentes Avenue are short walk from my place, so I paid another visit to the "Ecoducto" this week.  I am happy to report that it is looking good.  I only saw a few spots that needed weeding, and, amazingly, there was not a speck of litter in sight.  There were several crews of gardeners and also policemen on bicycles patrolling the path.

A the eastern end of the path there are still some gardens that have still not been planted.

When completed, the gardens will contain over 50,000 plants.  Except for some of the vines on the fences, the plants all look very healthy.

There is a wide variety of succulents...

and areas of ornamental grasses.

These plants must be members of either the agave or the aloe families.

There are benches with the CDMX (Ciudad de México - Mexico City) logo.

Hopefully the "Ecoducto" will continue to be well maintained, and will be an oasis of greenery in the midst of the traffic-clogged "Viaducto".


  1. I wish there were initiatives like those in Monterrey...

    1. In spite of all the negatives, CDMX does have some pretty cool projects. Tomorrow we are going to an International Culture fair on the Zocalo.

    2. My friend Alejandro said that you should ask "El Bronco" about that.

  2. That's a brilliant idea, at least for bikes. As you know, formerly there was a long, weedy strip between the two lanes of the Viaducto that were used for absolutely nothing. But if they made a path the entire length, then you could more or less get to the airport via bicycle, and that would be totally cool.


    Kim G
    Redding, Ca
    Where summer temperatures would ensure death of all bicyclists in short order.

    1. I took careful note as we drove along the Viaducto to Alejandro's house today. After Monterrey Avenue, that "weedy strip" that used to be there becomes a narrower median consisting of a convex concrete "roof" which covers what used to be a river course. Then heading north to the airport, the median is nothing more than a concrete barrier and a fence. But really, Kim, why would you want to go to the airport on a bicycle?