Oaxaca mural

Oaxaca mural

Monday, April 30, 2018

My Words Come Back to Bite Me

Whenever I take friends or relatives to Mexico I tell them to ignore sensationalistic news reports about how dangerous Mexico is.  The greatest danger facing tourists are the terrible sidewalks.  A couple years ago I even wrote a post with pictures of the uneven and broken sidewalks and the gaping holes in the concrete utility covers.  

Last Thursday, in spite of the warnings that I always give others, I fell victim to that great danger.  I was walking to the supermarket.  As I stepped off the curb, the pavement had a depression that I didn't notice.  I twisted my left ankle and fell to my knees.  I got up, and, after the initial pain, I thought that no damage was done.  I walked to Superama, did my shopping, and returned to the apartment with no discomfort.  Obviously, no bones were broken.  However, after sitting for a while, the ankle started to ache.  I was hobbling around the apartment like an old cripple.  By the next day, walking was easier, but my ankle and foot were swollen and there were black and blue marks all over.

Each day it gets a little better.  I only suffer an occasional twinge of pain.  The swelling is starting to go down, and the black and blue marks have faded a bit.

Obviously, I am now being cautious to the point of paranoia as I walk down the dangerous streets of Mexico City!

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