Cascade Park

Cascade Park

Friday, April 6, 2018

Taking Care of Business... Update

I wrote in the previous post that a plumber was supposed to arrive at noon to resolve the flooding in the kitchen.  In complete contradiction to the stereotype of "Mexican time", he was here punctually at 12:00 sharp.  The owners of the apartment also asked a Mexican friend of theirs who lives here in the city to come over in case I had any problems.  (After all, my "plumbing vocabulary" in Spanish for conversing with the plumber might not be adequate.)  The friend also arrived promptly at noon.  He's a very nice guy, and even though I really didn't have a problem communicating with the plumber, it was nice to have a native speaker here as a back-up.

The plumber ran the dishwasher and ran water in the kitchen sink.  There was no water leaking out onto the floor, so it was obvious that the problem was coming from the neighboring apartment.  However, no one was at home next door, so he could only offer a temporary solution until he makes an appointment to see the neighbors. Since I do not use the dishwasher (I have always been a "wash the dishes by hand kind of guy") he disconnected the dishwasher and plugged up the connection.  I gave the plumber my email address so that he could inform me when he returns to see the neighbors. 

Just in case the "temporary fix" doesn't work, I have thrown into the washer the towels and rags that the cleaning lady used to create a "dam" around the affected area.  After they come out of the dryer I will put the "dam" back in place.

We will see what happens next!


  1. This will give you even more reason to think very hard about whether you want to own a place with a built in pond.

    1. Well, you know water can be an enemy to the homeowner anywhere in the world. Back in Ohio we have to worry about frozen pipes and ice dams in the winter.

  2. Seriously?!? You do dishes by hand in the presence of a dishwasher??? Good Lord!

    My dishwasher was one of the top things I missed living SOB. Since I don't like to see dirty dishes piled up, I found myself doing dishes at least twice a day, and often three times. In my spare time, I plotted how I might get a dishwasher into my tiny kitchen in CDMX. Sadly, I never succeeded.


    Kim G
    Redding, CA
    Where it's illegal to wash dishes by hand. ;-)