Friday, April 13, 2018

Way South of the Border

After walking the "Ecoducto", I headed into the neighborhood of "Roma Sur", the heart of the Mexico City's South American community.  I wanted to check out a place that I had seen on my previous trip, an upscale food court called "Comedor de los Milagros" (Diner of the Miracles).  You know it's an upscale eatery when there's a valet parking stand on the sidewalk!

Picnic tables are set out in the courtyard.

At the far end of the courtyard there is a bar.

Along either side there are food booths.  There are gourmet popcorn and donut stands, taco and pizza stands.  Most of the food booths, however, specialize in the cuisines of different South American countries.  

I got a chuckle from the name of this Argentinian booth.  It is a play on the title of the old Mexican song "Bésame Mucho".  It's called "Asame Mucho"... "Grill me a lot".

I thought at first that you go from booth to booth and order what you want.  But, no, you take a seat, and a waiter brings you a menu listing the fare from all the different stands.

From the Colombian booth I ordered something called "aborrajados".  They are croquets made of fried plantains filled with cheese.  They are served with spicy fruit dipping sauces.
They were pretty good.

Next, from Venezuela, came an "empanada" (turnover) made a fried corn meal dough and filled with beef, beans, fried plantain and cheese.  It was tasty too.

The disappointment surprisingly came with the Mexican chorizo taco I ordered.  It obviously was not meant to be rolled up and eaten with your hands.  On top of it were soggy French fries.

And where were the garnishes?  No self-respecting Mexican would serve a taco without lime wedges, chopped cilantro, chopped onion, and a variety of salsas!

I might stop by this place again, but I definitely  won't order any tacos!


  1. I know you'll love this:

    1. I finally got around to going to the link. Ha! Ha! Poetic justice!