Monday, June 6, 2022

Mr. Dinosaur

I have said it before, and I will proudly admit it again... I am a dinosaur!  I am such a dinosaur that it is a wonder that I have a blog... although I guess blogs are becoming more and more a thing of the past also.

I have a cellphone, but it is only for emergencies and long-distance calls.  I don't even know my cell-phone number.  If you want to call me, you will have to reach me on my land line, because my cellphone is never turned on.  If I'm not at home, you can leave a message.  I'm sorry, but I do NOT want to be "connected" all the time.

I recently had to buy a new cellphone, because my old one, a 3-G phone (whatever that means), was obsolete and no longer functional.  I did not buy an outrageously expensive smartphone, but a flip phone that cost all of $20.  It's like my old one except that it is 4-G.  It is a Tracfone, and once a year I buy service and minutes.  I was able to transfer that from my old phone to my new phone.  (Since I rarely talk on the phone, I have accrued over 3000 minutes.)

(You may remember that Alejandro gave me an inexpensive smartphone.  However, that is only for my use in Mexico.  He buys service time whenever I travel down there.  I find the smartphone very confusing, and, again, I only have it for emergencies or if I need to call Alejandro.)

Let's see.  In what other ways am I a dinosaur?  I have never texted.  I refuse to belong to Facebook.  Nor am I on Twitter, Instagram, or WhatsApp.  I do however have an account with Skype, but I only started using that when the pandemic began.  I still watch movies using a DVD player and listen to music on a CD player.

The other day I thought of another way in which I am a dinosaur.  Once the weather warms up, instead of using the dryer, I prefer to dry my clothes the old-fashioned way.  I hang my clothes outside on the line just as my mother used to.

I NEVER see anyone else hanging out their clothes to dry anymore.  I've read that there are neighborhoods where community association rules prohibit the drying of laundry outside.  Well, I would never want to live in such a snooty neighborhood!  

In this respect, I guess that I am not really being a dinosaur, but rather environmentally friendly.  Instead of using the dryer, which guzzles electricity, I am using solar power to dry my clothes!   

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