Monday, October 18, 2021

More from the Neighborhood

Here are some more random pictures from Alejandro's neighborhood that I took while wandering around.

The local parish church, San Juan Crisóstomo, although not an old building, is built in the traditional, colonial style with twin bell towers.

It is typical for storekeepers to display their goods out on the sidewalk or for vendors to set up stalls along the street.

This merchant was featuring items for the Day of the Dead... paper marigolds, strings of cut paper (papel picado) and other decorations.

Yes, it is obvious that the Day of the Dead is approaching.  This fabric store had a variety of cardboard decorations.

Nurseries and flower shops have started selling potted marigolds, known in Mexico by their Aztec name cempasúchil.  Enormous quantities will be sold for decorating graves and the altars or "ofrendas" which are set up to honor the dead.

 This home is already decorated for the occasion.


  1. A visit to CDMX post Day of the Dead is a great time to go!These photos bring back great memories of all the fabulous, colorful decorations.

    1. But there is a whole lot more before Day of the Dead. Most "ofrendas" are taken down immediately after November 2.