Saturday, October 30, 2021

Finally, the Skulls!

I wrote a couple of entries about my search for the "Mexicráneos", the large painted skulls which are displayed every year for the Day of the Dead.  There was talk that they would not be displayed along the Paseo de la Reforma because of the pandemic.  But this year's edition of what is becoming a Day of the Dead tradition is back at its usual location.  Each of the skulls is hand-painted by a different artist and is a unique work of art.

On Thursday I walked to Reforma, the city's iconic boulevard, and here are photos of some of the "Mexicráneos"...

This one had "sarapes", the colorful, blanket-like cloaks typical of Mexico, draped over it.

This one, at first glance, looks rather bland.  But if you look closer you see that it is covered with architectural drawings of famous buildings in Mexico City designed by Mexican architects.
For example, the National Museum of Anthropology...

This one, I think, was my favorite of all of them...

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