Cascade Park

Cascade Park

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Yet Another Sound from the Street

I was sitting in the apartment at night when I heard another one of those unique sounds that are so typical of Mexico City.  I grabbed my camera, opened a window and aimed my camera down at the street below.  From some distance away I heard the recording of the tamale vendor... "Deliciosos tamales oaxaqueños".

After a few moments, the vendor appeared on his bicycle cart with a steamer full of "delicious Oaxacan tamales".



  1. Where's the selfie of you chasing him down the way Wes always does when he hears the ice cream truck?

    1. Ha ha! Well, as you know, I do not make a habit of eating street food in Mexico. And I do not recall ever seeing anyone buy tamales from one of these vendors. They must be selling to someone however... because they are everywhere in the city.