Cascade Park

Cascade Park

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Sugar, Sugar and More Sugar

I wrote in another post that for the wake, and for the praying of the Rosary, people brought big kettles full of coffee, Styrofoam cups in which to serve the coffee, and bags of sugar to for those who like their coffee sweet.

Yesterday morning I attempted to clear some of the stuff that had accumulated in the kitchen.  In the corner there is an enormous box of cups that the owner of the corner store had brought.  (It has yet to be opened since so many other people brought cups.)  On top of it is a huge vat that was full of coffee.  That needs to be returned to its owner.  I didn't touch those items.  I tackled the clutter on the kitchen table so that there would be some room to eat.  Among other things, here was a box of bread, a bag full of Pan Bimbo pastries, the remains of a fruit basket whose contents needed to be tossed, paper cups... and bags and bags of sugar.  I am sure that there is enough for the next ten years... or more seeing that two of the family members are diabetic.  I took all those bags and put them on a shelf in the courtyard.  There is now some room to eat breakfast at the kitchen table.

This morning I said to Alejandro with a serious face, "Did you know that the price of sugar is going to skyrocket?"
"Really?" he said.
"Yes, there is a sugar shortage because it is all here at your house!"


  1. Are there food banks to which you can donate the sugar?

    1. I don't know. But given the epidemic of diabetes in Mexico, I'm not so sure that is something that is really wanted or needed.