Cascade Park

Cascade Park

Monday, February 19, 2018

Another Tremor

Last night I stayed at Alejandro's house.  A little before 1:00 this morning, the earthquake siren sounded.  All of us... Alejandro, his father, his sister with her 7-year-old in her arms, the dogs, and I... immediately went out to the street.  So did everyone else in the neighborhood.  None of us felt anything.  The utility wires were swaying, but there was a stiff breeze last night.  After several minutes we went inside and went back to sleep.

The alarms had been set off by a 5.9 quake in the southern state of Oaxaca (poor Oaxaca!).  Even though it was not perceptible in most of the city, when that siren goes off, people react.

As far as last Friday's quake, a decorative façade of a building in the Condesa neighborhood fell off and raised a lot of dust.  But that was the only significant damage in Mexico City.   In the state of Oaxaca near the epicenter, there were some buildings destroyed, but fortunately there were no deaths or injuries.

An interesting aside... I just read that, unlike Mexico, California does NOT have a seismic alarm system.  There are Californians complaining that, instead of building a Wall, the "Pendejo"-in-Chief should spend that money on an alarm system that could potentially save lives.

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  1. The front of a building collapsed on Medina Square last week, without benefit of tremors!