Tuesday, June 27, 2017

More Breakfast Options

I have been on the lookout for good breakfast places nearby where I can take friends and relatives that may visit me here in the future.  I have found a couple more spots that I liked. 

This morning I went to restaurant at a fancy boutique hotel just a short walk from my apartment. 

The restaurant is open to the public, although it is quite small.  All of the tables were filled, so I was seated at the bar.  I had "huevos divorciados" (divorced eggs). 

One fried egg is covered with red sauce and the other is covered with green sauce.  The salsas were very good, although perhaps too spicy for some gringos' tastes.  However there was a pretty wide variety of breakfast choices, including eggs Benedict, pancakes and Spanish tortilla.

My breakfast including coffee and juice cost 140 pesos (about $8 US).

On Sunday Alejandro and I had breakfast at little place at the World Trade Center.

They have a wide selection of breakfasts.  Most of the choices are Mexican... although not all of them are necessarily spicy.  Or you can just order eggs (served with the requisite "frijoles".)

I had crepes filled with chicken, strips of Poblano pepper, corn and Manchego cheese, and covered with Poblano sauce.  With coffee and a sweet roll my bill came to 110 pesos (about $6 US).  

Alejandro was put off by the place because his bread plate was dirty.  (The waiter immediately replaced it.)  I however really liked the place, and would recommend it.  Plus, when the weather is nice, you can eat outside. 

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