city at night

city at night

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Up Close and Personal with the "Alebrijes"

Last Saturday Alejandro and I went to the "Alebrije Parade".  It's a fun event, but you really don't have a chance to carefully study the large papier mache figures as they are wheeled down the street.  After the parade, the "alebrijes" are put on display along Paseo de la Reforma.

When we are on Reforma the next day, we had a chance to take a better look at the "alebrijes".  Even here, it is not always the best situation for photography... the lighting is not always ideal, and the boulevard is jammed with people who have come to see the "alebrijes".  Here are some of the better photos I managed to take of a few of the more than 200 entries in this year's parade.


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