Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Time to Go Home


My month here has flown by, and tomorrow I return to Ohio.  Today I have to pack my suitcases.  As you may remember, I came down here with two checked suitcases because I am starting to bring things down here for my eventual permanent move to Mexico.  I bought quite a few things to take home as gifts for friends, but not enough to fill two suitcases.  Today I am going to see if I can fit everything in the smaller suitcase and then put the small suitcase inside the larger one.

I will only be back in Ohio for a little over a month... just enough time to clear out my garden and do early voting in October.  Then I will return (with more stuff packed in my suitcases) in October / November for a five and a half week stay.

I still have quite a few posts to write about this trip, so don't go away.