city at night

city at night

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Chatting with England

About once a month my English cousin Kevin calls me on Skype for a chat.  We had a nice conversation this afternoon.


Kevin and his wife retired within the last year.  They sold their home in the outskirts of London and bought a nice place in a seaside town close to Bournemouth.  They are just a short walk from the beach along the English Channel.  They are currently doing renovations to the house.  They have nearly completed the kitchen and are converting the loft into another bedroom and bath.  He says that once they are done, they will have a room for me to stay on a visit.  Well, perhaps in a few years I will take another trip to England.  Mexico City does have non-stop flights to London on British Airways.  And I hope that in the future they come visit me in Mexico City.  The apartment has a guest bedroom and an extra bathroom.

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