Thursday, September 22, 2022

Taco Night

Yes, I have been home for two weeks, but I still have some photos from my trip to share with you.  

I spend the last couple of nights of my trips at the home of Alejandro and his family since it is closer to the airport.  The night before my departure the family decided to get tacos for my farewell supper.

I know that many people say that the tastiest and cheapest food in Mexico comes from the food stalls on the street, but I usually avoid them as a possible source of "Montezuma's revenge".  Perhaps I am being a silly, overly fastidious "gringo", although I am not alone in that opinion.  Alejandro and his family generally avoid street food.  However, they do make a couple of exceptions.  There is a vendor in front of the nearby parish church from whom they occasionally buy tamales on a Sunday morning.  There is also a taco stand a few blocks away that they frequent.  

The stand is called "Taquería El Paisa", and, according to the sign, it has been there since 1978.

I was with the family the first time they went there about five years ago.  Alejandro's mom had passed away, and for nine nights after the funeral, the rosary is said at the deceased's home.  On one of those nights, a friend of Alejandro wanted to take all of us out for tacos after the rosary.  I was a little dubious.  However, there were a lot of customers at the stand, and that is obviously a sign that the food is good.  It also means that the food has not been sitting around for a long time.  The tacos were delicious, and none of us got sick.


The "trompa" is the vertical rotisserie from which the pork for "tacos al pastor" is sliced.
Notice the pineapple on top.  Its juices flow down to flavor the meat.

I have eaten tacos from there with Alejandro's family several times since then, and the night before my departure we bought a bag of several dozen to take home.  They are greasy, but very tasty, and, knock on wood, Montezuma has never inflicted his "revenge" upon us.

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