Thursday, September 15, 2022

A Double Jab

(image taken from the internet)

While I was in Mexico I read that new booster shots by Pfizer and Moderna targeting the Omicron variants were approved and available.  The day after my return I went to the pharmacy at a nearby supermarket and asked if they were taking appointments for the shot.  He said, "Yes" and asked me if wanted Pfizer or Moderna.  Since I have had a total of four Moderna shots without any reaction, I told him I preferred Moderna.  He put me down for an appointment on Wednesday.  He also asked if I wanted my flu shot at the same time.  I asked if they had the high potency flu shot for senior citizens.  He said they did not have any at that time, so I figured I would get that later or at a different pharmacy.

Yesterday I went back to the supermarket a few minutes before my appointed time.  There was a gentleman getting the shot ahead of me, and a couple who were checking in for a later appointment.  We were all senior citizens.  I was asked again if I wanted a flu shot, and I asked if they had received a shipment of the high potency vaccine.  They had, so I got the COVID shot in my left arm, and the flu shot in my right.  Knock on wood, but I have not had any reaction from the COVID shot.  Ironically it is the arm with the flu shot that feels a little sore.

I was reading an article on the internet a few days ago, and there is a name for people such as I who still have not become infected with the COVID virus.  We are called "super-dodgers".  It may just be a combination of luck and the fact that I am still quite cautious and wear an N-95 mask whenever I go to the store.  But scientists and doctors think that it might be that we have a strong immune system or even some sort of genetic protection.  Whatever the reason, I am happy that I have made it through three and a half years with getting sick... and I hope that it stays that way!

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