Wednesday, September 7, 2022


Protest marches are a regular occurrence here in Mexico City.  Last week, after visiting the handicrafts fair, I was going to take the Metrobus that travels the length of Insurgentes Avenue back to my neighborhood.  When I entered the Metrobus station, they were announcing that service was disrupted due to a protest.  I would only be able to take the bus part of the way.  The bus was jammed like the proverbial can of sardines.  It only went as far as the Reforma station, and we all had to get off there.

I had imagined a large march going on along Insurgentes or Reforma.  Instead, I found a relatively small group of protesters who were blocking that major intersection in all directions.  Although they were few in number, they had picked a spot for maximum effect on traffic.

From what I was able to gather, they were workers from a Cruz Azul Cement factory in the nearby state of Hidalgo, and they were protesting that the Federal Electricity Commission had cut off power to the factory.  

An empty Paseo de la Reforma

I had to walk down Insurgentes for about a mile until I came to a bus stop where the Metrobus was still running.

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