Monday, September 26, 2022

Looking at the Apartment through Different Eyes

As you know, since 2017 I have been renting a very nice condo in Mexico City.  It has been an ideal situation since I am the only tenant, and the owners only charge me for the months that I am there.  In the coming year, they are going to sell the apartment, and I am planning on buying it.

The owners are going to leave all the furnishings, which will make the move down there much easier for me.  Although the condo is very nicely furnished, I do, however, have a few pieces of furniture that I will want to have shipped down there, and I will want to make some changes in the decor to make the place my own.

So, on my recent trip, I was looking at the apartment through different eyes, thinking of what changes I will want to make.

In the living room there are two framed art prints which are very nice.  However, I want to replace them with my own artwork.

Over the sofa I want to replace the print from the Art Institute of Chicago with a large painting I did of Toledo, Spain.

On the other side of the living room there is a print of a painting by Kandinsky.  I will replace that with a painting I did of a waterfall in the Mexican state of Chiapas.  Also, the knick-knacks on the cabinet will be replaced with some of my things.

The metal rack for music CDs is going.  I will replace it with a large, black storage unit that I have for my CDs and DVDs.  The antique-style mirror and table are not really my style.  I am thinking about replacing them with a black-framed mirror that I have in my living room, and a more modern table that I use as a telephone stand.

The black lacquer dining table and chairs and the china cabinet are much more my style.

In the guest bedroom, you can see that I have already set on the bed a throw that a friend crocheted for me.  I have a couple of end tables that can go on either side of the bed.  There is plenty of wall space for more of my artwork.

There is a cabinet in the guest bedroom that is a perfectly good piece of furniture, except that the top is badly marred.  I have a Mexican table runner, already packed in my suitcase, that will cover that up nicely.

In the office there are two bookcases filled mostly with aviation books (the owner is an airline pilot).  I had previously asked his wife if it would be presumptuous of me to start making room for my things.  She said to go ahead.  So, you can see here that I cleared out several shelves (I stashed the books in a closet) and set out some of my Mexican handicrafts and other mementos.  I also put a few of my books on one of the shelves.  There is lots of wall space in this room also for hanging pictures.

In the master bedroom there is a print of a Van Gogh painting.  I will replace it with a piece of original artwork that I bought many years ago in Mérida, Yucatán.  

I also have two custom-made Amish end tables that can go on either side of the bed.  The television is opposite the bed.  Since I just bought a new TV a little more than a year ago, I will have that shipped down.  I have no idea how old the TV in the apartment is.

So, those are my plans for the apartment.  

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