Saturday, February 4, 2023

The Gas Bill Cometh

One thing I definitely will not miss about Ohio when I make the move to Mexico is the utility bills.  Here in Mexico the phone and internet bill combined cost 389 pesos (21 dollars), and my internet is much faster than it is back home.  The water bill for the last two months of 2022 was 219 pesos (just under 12 dollars).  Granted, I was not here at the apartment for one of those months, but even 24 dollars is a lot less than what I would pay in Ohio. 

Of course, up north the gas bills in the winter are always the worst.  A few days ago, the gas bill for the month of January for the Mexico City apartment arrived.  

179 pesos is less than 10 dollars.  Obviously, down here I am not using gas to heat the residence.  The only consumption is for hot water.  

I talked with my friend who housesits for me.  The gas bill arrived there also, and the amount was about the same... but in dollars, not pesos! 

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