Thursday, December 22, 2022

More Cleaning Out

In preparation for selling my house and moving to Mexico, I have been gradually clearing out the junk that has accumulated over the decades that I have lived here.  I have already cleaned out the garage and the back storage shed.  I still had to tackle the attic.  Since it is uncomfortably hot up there in the summer, I wanted to do that this time of year.  This week is the monthly bulk garbage pickup, so, earlier this week, my friend Frank came over to help me with the job.

After a couple of hours, the attic was largely empty.

There were a few things, such as my childhood tricycle, that might be considered vintage.  Next year I'll see if an antique shop might want to buy them.  I also found a box of books, mostly murder mysteries printed in the 1940s, that belonged to my mother.  I will have to look for an antique book dealer and see if I can sell them.  Sadly, no one will want my collection of National Geographic magazines.  Not even the libraries will accept them.  So, they went out in the junk.  

Last night I put it all out by the street, and later today it will all be gone.  

Another step completed toward getting the house ready to sell,   


  1. Too bad about the Nat Geo's. That's the kind of thing I've posted on Craigslist for free. You'd be surprised what people will collect when the price is right!

    1. Oh well. They are now out on the street awaiting the trash pickup.