Thursday, December 29, 2022

A Christmas Gift

For Christmas my sister-in-law Phyllis gave me one of those slide show picture frames.  When I took it home and tried to upload photos to it, I have to admit that I was very frustrated.  The instructions were useless.  They were written by someone with a sub-standard knowledge of the English language, and most of the directions pertained to uploading photos from a smartphone.  My photos are NOT on a smartphone; they are on my desktop.  Grrrrrr.

I finally noticed that there was a place on the back of the frame to plug in a flash drive.  I happened to have one, so I decided to experiment.  I started organizing a few photos from folders on my desktop and loaded them onto the flash drive.  I then plugged the flash drive into the frame, and, lo and behold, the photos appeared on there.  With no help from the instruction manual, I managed to put those pictures into the frame's storage.

I have gone through all of my picture folders, and I now have a large slide show on the frame.


In spite of my initial frustration, I really like my gift, and I am grateful to Phyllis for buying it for me.

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