Wednesday, December 28, 2022

A Remarkable Nativity Scene

 Yesterday, Alejandro sent me a photo of the Nativity scene in the home of his friend Eduardo.  The figures and the structure, known in Spanish as "el portal", are all beautifully and elegantly crafted.  

What is remarkable is that Eduardo modeled and painted all of this by hand.  He has never had any classes in sculpture or painting, yet he has created a true work of art.  Alejandro said that Eduardo will probably still have the Nativity scene in place when I return to Mexico next week.  So hopefully I will have a chance to see this in person and congratulate Eduardo on his talent.


  1. Fantastic. He is very talented! Look at the shading on the blue and gold garment on the wise man!

    1. Yes, I look forward to seeing it in person when I return to Mexico. I will take some close-ups of the individual figures to post on the blog.