Oaxaca mural

Oaxaca mural

Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Man that Everyone Knows

I have been coming to Mérida on a fairly regular basis for the last ten years.  During that time I have seen many of the same faces time and time again.  

Last night, our first night in Mérida, we were enjoying a drink at a sidewalk café.  As usual there were many vendors trying to sell their wares to the restaurant patrons.  There is one fellow selling wooden toys that I always see when I am here.  He always remembers me when he sees me, and, even though I have only bought something from him once, he never fails to give me a friendly greeting.

After staying at Hotel Luz en Yucatán so many times, the owners and many of the employees know me by name and chat with me.

Today at breakfast, our waiter not only recognized me, but he remembered that I drink "café con leche".

This afternoon, at a different sidewalk café, the owner came up to me and said that he had not seen me for quite a while. 

Gail and Wes have started joking that everyone in Mérida knows me!

Then, this evening, we went to my favorite restaurant for supper.  "Amaro" is a lovely place located in the courtyard of a colonial house, and the food there is always good.  Wes and Gail went Italian and ordered fettuccine Alfredo and lasagna.  The dishes however were prepared with Yucatecan influence.  They both said that their meals were not only delicious, but unlike anything that they have eaten before.

There is another reason why I like "Amaro" so much... my favorite waiter in the world, Enrique, is there.  Every time that I enter the restaurant, Enrique comes up and gives me a hug.  He has a devilish sense of humor.  He is an excellent waiter, but he also knows that he can joke around with me and my friends.  An evening at "Amaro" offers great food and atmosphere, and, if Enrique is your waiter, a lot of fun.  Of course each time I return to Mérida, there must be photos taken of Enrique with me and my guests.

If, in the future, Gail and Wes travel with me to somewhere else in the world, I hope that they will not be disappointed if no one knows me, and if waiters don't come up and hug me! 


  1. You're not only the man everyone knows, but the man everyone should be LUCKY enough to know!