Oaxaca mural

Oaxaca mural

Thursday, January 19, 2017

A Drowned Sandwich

"Casa Churra" is a small restaurant chain (just 3 branches) in Mexico City.  According to the sign, it is a "churrería" and "pozolería"... a place that sells "churros" and "pozole".  "Churros" are tubes of fried dough, a cylindrical version of the doughnut, you might say.  "Pozole" is a thick soup made with white hominy.

Their menu however has a lot more than just "pozole" and "churros".  There are many typical Mexican dishes like tacos, tamales, and quesadillas... not gourmet Mexican cuisine, but the kind of things that you might find at street stands.

I visited the branch of  "Casa Churra" in the historic center on my last trip, and I returned on Tuesday when I was downtown.

Now I'm not saying that the food there is spectacular, but if you want a quick bite to eat "Casa Churra" is a decent option if you are in the neighborhood.

"Tortas" are another choice on the menu.  "Tortas" are a type of Mexican sandwich... a big crusty roll stuffed with any one of a variety of fillings.  They also had "torta ahogada", which is a specialty of Guadalajara.  I've never had it before, so that's what I ordered.  This type of 'torta" is filled with "carnitas" (shredded pork), and is covered with sauce.  That is why it is called "ahogada" which means "drowned".  The sauce may be either spicy or mild.  Here it was fairly mild.

It was tasty.  However, I think I prefer an ordinary "torta".  The bread on the "torta ahogada" gets a bit soggy.

Since I was at "Casa Churra", I had to get "churros y chocolate", a treat that came to Mexico from Spain.

I prefer the "churros" in Spain.  They are thicker and greasier and tastier (and obviously less healthy) than the ones in Mexico.  However I much prefer Mexican chocolate to what they serve in Spain.  In Spain the chocolate is so thick that after you are finished dunking your "churros" it is next to impossible to drink what remains in your cup.  This chocolate was very dark, made without milk, but was very good. 


  1. The man smells chocolate, and off he goes!

    1. Honestly, it was the "torta" that attracted me, but the "churros y chocolate" were a nice way to end the lunch.