Cascade Park

Cascade Park

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Beautiful Restaurant, Mediocre Food

After spending Sunday afternoon wandering around the colonial center of Mexico City, Alejandro and I tried to decide on a place to eat.  Our favorite place in the center, "El Cardenal", closes early, so we decided to go down the street to "Café de Tacuba".

Among the restaurants of Mexico City, "Café de Tacuba" is an institution that dates back to 1912.  It is so famous that a well known Mexican rock band named their group after the restaurant.

Decades ago it was my favorite restaurant in Mexico City.  A few years ago I returned and was not impressed with my meal.  However I was willing to give it another try.

The restaurant is charmingly decorated in a colonial Mexican style.

Alejandro ordered roast chicken and it was not anything special.  I ordered "tinga".  "Tinga" is dish of shredded meat with a sauce made from tomatoes and chipotle peppers.

I have had much better "tinga" in other restaurants, and the excessive amount of stringy cheese on top did not help.

I'm sorry to report that "Café de Tacuba" is another case of a famous restaurant that is resting on the laurels of its past.

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