Oaxaca mural

Oaxaca mural

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Living in the Penthouse

Except for two trips when I rented a house, every time that I come to Mérida I stay at a delightful, little hotel called Luz en Yucatán.  It is perfectly located in the heart of the city's historic center, just steps from the Plaza de Santa Lucía.  The building was once a colonial convent for the adjoining Church of Santa Lucía.

The exterior is unassuming.  You would never expect what lies beyond the doorway...

...a lovely, tranquil retreat.

The owners do everything possible to make your stay pleasant, and the prices are very reasonable.  Even the most expensive rooms are well under $100 US per night.
On my very first visit, I stayed in the rooftop room known as the Penthouse.   

Since then, every time I have come here, the Penthouse has been booked.  However, on this trip the Penthouse was available, so I grabbed it.  It has been completely remodeled since I stayed there years ago.

This is my room.  I love the large painting of Mexican musicians done by a local artist.

I also love this stained glass window in the room.

From the bedroom you step out to an outdoor kitchen.  I didn't use it, since there are so many good restaurants in Mérida.  

However I have made use of the rooftop terrace.  One day Gail, Wes and I picked up some pastries at a bakery and coffee and hot chocolate at a little coffee shop just down then street.  We then went up to my terrace to enjoy our snack.

 And I have been relaxing in the hammock on the terrace almost every day.

(photo taken by Wes)
Luz en Yucatán is probably my favorite hotel anywhere in the world!


  1. One of our favorites, also, although the room dead center on Lake Louis with a floor to ceiling window viewing the lake was spectacular!

    1. Glad you liked it... I have yet to bring anyone to Mérida who didn't like Luz en Yucatán.