dusk near Cuernavaca

dusk near Cuernavaca

Friday, January 27, 2017


There is little doubt that Trump is the most despised man in Mexico.  He is so despised that Mexico's sorry excuse for a president, Peña Nieto, had to grow a pair and cancel his scheduled meeting with the Pendejo-in-Chief.  There will be no talks as long as the would-be Fuhrer insists that Mexico will pay for his chimeric dream of a wall along the Mexican border.

Here are the front pages of today's newspapers in Mexico City...

"Mexico reaches the limit with Trump's offenses"

"Trump embarks on a diplomatic war with Mexico"

"The Commandments of Trump"

"Trump's open commercial war on Mexico"



  1. That the deplorables lap up his unhinged rhetoric is unsurprising. That otherwise intelligent people have so far failed to see through it and spot the rather obvious mental health issues that are clearly affecting Trump - well that amazes me.

    Trump is not a master negotiator or persuader. He's a bully. And there are very important differences between them. This is a demonstrable fact from his business life as well as his first week or so as president. As opposed to an alternative fact, which is perhaps the most laughable thing to come out of the last seven days. Not that Trump created the term. Only the necessity of its invention...

    I'm actually fairly ambivalent about the construction of a wall. If the US wants to build it and builds it on their land and from their coffers...well, that's up to them. Walls are never solutions to a problem though. As is evident when they've been built. Berlin, Israel etc etc. They are sticking plasters that at best offer temporary respite from a sympton but that invariably create their own costs. Not only the dollars required to build it, but walls leave a scar physically and politically.

    It'll be interesting to see how this develops. I can see three likely outcomes, none of which paint a pretty picture for Trump. Firstly, that Mexico might buckle and 'contribute to the cost of the wall. At which stage, Trump has unjustifiably bullied a small, struggling neighbour to bend to his will through the implicit threat of causing economic destruction to its economy. And you have to ask, at what point will Trump supporters open their eyes and see Trump and his administration for what it is? At which stage will they start seeing the similarity between his policies and those of right wing nationalists of the past? The demonisation of minorities, the massive social infrastructure projects, the unsustainable economic policies, the militisation, the attacks on the press etc etc. And then there's also the horrific notion of Mexico effectively building a wall to keep a population in...

    Another possibility is that Mexico doesn't buckle and that Trump does indeed introduce tariffs on Mexican goods. Aside from the fact that this means that US citizens will pay for the wall and not, as Trump will try to twist it, Mexico, this would be highly damaging for Trump. Though there is a trade deficit with Mexico, substantial trade goes both ways. Tariff retaliation is likely. Prices will rise in the US, jobs will be lost (probably more than are gained) and the US economy will take a hit. Further, a poorer Mexico is a less stable Mexico. More economic migrants, more recruits for the narcos. Trump will have to stand there and explain why immigration is more of a problem than ever, why there are fewer jobs, why security has worsened. It'll take some explanation, given his proclamation that he's the greatest jobs creator the world has seen and that he was going to sort out the migrant 'crisis'.* And furthermore, the rest of the world is watching. We know what Trump is, even if a percentage of his own people haven't woken up to the fact. Other countries will take note, plan accordingly and will likely be proactive in many situations. To the detriment of the US.

    1. <...continued>

      The third possibility? That Trump buckles and gives up chasing the money. He'll spin it as a win with some imagintive alternative facts. And again, you'll have to ask his supporters, how deep does the bullshit you're stood in have to get before the stench becomes too much?

      It's all a very sad situation. Political differences are fine. I stand a mile apart from some US conservative friends. But we're still friends. We engage and that's the most vital component of a democracy. That we chew over the fat. Some voted against Hillary rather than Trump. I'd disagree with their choice but understand they're no Trump fan. But Trump supporters have planted their flag next to a man who is a sex offender, a demonstrable liar, a narcicist, a xenophone, a racist, a misogynist and worse. A man whose policies embody these qualities. I do not have political differences with Trump supporters. We have differences based upon what constitutes basic human decency. That's what happens when a person dispenses with their moral compass. It's tough to call that sort of person a friend. And the engagement ends. Discussion is replaced with opposition. These are sad times indeed.

      *There's also an irony here. As I understand it, he can only apply tariffs by executive order in a situation where national security is a serious and immediate risk. The tariffs would likely be the cause of a national security issue.

    2. I have to wonder how many people who voted for Trump will soon regret their decision. I have a feeling that quite a few already do.
      As for those who will continue to support the man... all I can say is that calling such a person a friend would be similar to calling a Nazi a friend.
      I do think the Trump will inevitably crash and burn. But I fear how much damage will be done to my country and to the world before that happens.