Oaxaca mural

Oaxaca mural

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

In Mexico City Again

After a smooth flight from Cleveland to Houston, my flight to Mexico City went just as well.  We left the gate right on time.  There was no line up of planes waiting to take off, so we were in the air quickly.  As a result we arrived at Mexico City airport about twenty minutes early.  We didn't have to wait for a gate, which is sometimes the case, and I was off the plane in no time.  At immigration miraculously there was no line at all.  (Sometimes I have to wait an hour.)  I only had carry-on bags, so I didn't have to wait for luggage at the carrousel.  I zipped through customs with only a couple questions asked by the customs agent.  

The only down side of all this efficiency and speediness was that I had to wait for Alejandro to show up.  The plane was supposed to arrive at 4:40, and Alejandro figured that it would be at least 5:30 before I emerged through the doors of customs into the arrivals area of the terminal.  He could leave the office around 5:00 and be at the airport just in time to greet me.  As it turned out by 4:40 I was already waiting in the terminal for him.

After he finally arrived, he drove me to his family's home.  I am spending two first two nights there before I head to the condo that I rent.  Today is Alejandro's birthday, so I will be here for a small family celebration... cake and the singing of "Las Mañanitas", the Mexican birthday song.  

Alejandro at the door to his house.

Happy Birthday, Alejandro!

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