Oaxaca mural

Oaxaca mural

Thursday, April 11, 2019

"Estas son las mañanitas..."

There was no big party for Alejandro's birthday.  When he got home from work, I brought out the cake that I had bought that afternoon.  We lit the candles, and we sang "Las Mañanitas", the traditional Mexican birthday song.  Unfortunately, Alejandro's nephew Ezra came home from school feeling under the weather.  So he and his mom, Alejandro's sister, didn't join us.  It was just Alejandro's dad and me singing... and the birthday boy joined in singing to himself.

You may noticed that I faltered because his dad was singing lyrics slightly different from those that I learned in school.

It is then traditional to shout "Mordida! Mordida!"... and the birthday boy takes a bite out of the cake... or if he hesitates his face would be pushed into the cake.  (That is a job in which Ezra normally takes delight.)  Since the cake was covered with shavings of white and dark chocolate, Alejandro's face was not covered in frosting after taking his "mordida".


  1. You all have fine singing voices! This cake was way off the diabetic chart, but once a year it's a special treat. I wonder if Ezra had a bit of stage fright? I'm sure he enjoyed some cake after his performance. May Aleckz have many more happy, healthy birthdays with you!

    1. I had asked Alejandro if I should buy a diabetic cake, but he said no, since they don't taste very good.
      It crossed my mind that Ezra might be nervous about the school play, but he has never been nervous about such events before. And his mom had to take him to the doctor, and he was prescribed a bunch of medicines. I hope he had some cake the next day when he came home from school.