Oaxaca mural

Oaxaca mural

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Fun and Games

Monday I spent the day at Alejandro's house.  His nephew Ezra has begun his spring vacation (all of this week and next), so we spent much of the morning playing games.  We played a new version of "Uno" called "Uno Wild Jackpot".  On certain cards you have to spin a gadget similar to a slot machine.  We also played "Operando"... the Spanish version of the old game "Operation".  I had bought it for Ezra a couple years ago at Woolworths (yes, they still have Woolworths down here), and I was happy to see that he is still playing it.  We played a round of each, and I lost both miserably.

First, however, we played a game which I had bought for him in Ohio shortly before leaving for Mexico... "Hangman".  It's a travel size version of the game in a metal box with magnetic pieces.  Ezra was familiar with the game which is called "Ahorcado" in Spanish.  The students play it on the blackboard in his English class.  

I figured that it would be a good way for Ezra to practice English words.  For his first word Ezra thought of "sausages".  I was rather impressed with that.  I was expecting him to pick shorter and more common words.  We played several rounds of the game, and neither of us guessed the other's words.  There were a lot of "hanged men"!

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