Cascade Park

Cascade Park

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Cleaning Up

Close to my condo is a small green space located in the middle of a busy intersection.  A while ago they placed two metal letters, "BJ", in that space.  The letters stand for Benito Juárez, the name of the "delegación" or borough in which the neighborhood is located.  On my last trip, I was upset to see that some vandal had spray-painted graffiti over one of the letters.  But when I returned on this trip I was happy to see that the graffiti had been covered over with a stylized painting of the World Trade Center which is just down the street.  (You see a bit of the building in the background of the photo.)

However, I was thinking that the green space was in need of a good clearing out of litter and weeds.  A few mornings later, I saw city workers giving the area a thorough cleaning.  

It looks much better, but the plants really need to be watered.  There has been no rain since I arrived on April 9th, and the weather has been very hot (by Mexico City standards) with temperatures in the 80s Fahrenheit.  Hopefully the plants recover when the rainy season begins in a couple months. 

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