Oaxaca mural

Oaxaca mural

Wednesday, April 17, 2019


Down the street from my apartment there is a small shopping mall.  More that a year ago I saw a banner over the entrance to the parking garage that a branch of "El Cardenal", one of my favorite restaurants, was coming soon.  I was very excited about that, but "soon" has stretched out into a long time.  On my previous trip I noticed that work was going on in the empty spot that I assumed would be the location of the restaurant.  I asked one of the workers about it, and all he knew was that a restaurant was going in there.

Upon my arrival in April, I saw another big banner, this one at the entrance to the shopping mall.  "Próximamente!"  Soon!  Yeah, that's what you said a year ago!

I peered through the windows, and I could see that the kitchen was largely in place.

But I very much doubt that the restaurant will open during my April - May sojourn in Mexico City.  I hope that by my next visit in October "próximamente" will have finally arrived!


  1. Restaurant construction and "approvals" are more time consuming then trying to open one in NYC! I know, I went through that process for a client in the 1980's. Believe me, the owners are much more anxious then you........sooner......or later......