Oaxaca mural

Oaxaca mural

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Random Shots in Roma

Here are some photos of odds and ends that caught my eye yesterday when I walked to the neighborhood of Roma Sur...

I took the "Ecoducto", the garden lined pedestrian path that follows the median strip of the Miguel Alemán freeway.

Here's one of the iris which are in bloom along the "Ecoducto".  I thought that my readers in the frozen north might like something to remind them that spring will arrive in a couple months.

I got off of the "Ecoducto" at Medellin Avenue, one of the main streets in Roma Sur.

A taco joint along Medellin had some humorous sayings on its awning...

"A taco a day is the key to happiness."

"My body says gym, my heart... five (tacos) with everything."

This van parked along a side street is from a business that sells foliage, both live and artificial, for green walls and rooftops.  I was compelled to touch the foliage on the van.  It was artificial.

A flowering bush cascading down a wall on a pleasant Roma street.

An interesting painting on the wall of a stationery shop.  (Do stationery shops even exist anymore in the U.S.?)

The painting is called "The Tree of Hope".
"History" is written at its roots, "Equality" along its trunk, and "Justice" and "Health" to either side.

Finally, I have shown you a couple photos of men holding advertising banners in the middle of the street when the light turns red.  A more common sight is to see performers, usually jugglers, in the street.  Before the light turns green, they go to the cars hoping for a few pesos from the motorists.  I gave this older gentleman five pesos before taking a video of him.

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