Cascade Park

Cascade Park

Monday, January 21, 2019


I was at Alejandro's family's home Sunday night.  He and I spent the evening futilely trying to take photos of the lunar eclipse... he with his cell phone, and I with my camera. 

These two photos are about the best that I got...

In Mexico, I suppose because of the latitude, the position of the moon is different.  I mentioned once before that they don't see "the man in the moon", but rather "the rabbit in the moon".  In the first photo perhaps you can make out the rabbit's ears.

The photo below was sent to Alejandro by a friend.  It was taken by Juliet Fierro, a scientist at the National University of Mexico.


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    1. Thanks, Meredith, although they are far from professional, and it took me dozens of shots to get a couple photos that were halfway respectable.