Cascade Park

Cascade Park

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Our Retreat in Mérida

We are staying at my favorite hotel in Mérida... in fact, one of my favorite hotels anywhere… Luz en Yucatán.  The hotel is located in a colonial building located in the heart of the historic center of the city.  It was once a convent adjoining the neighboring Church of Santa Lucía.  From its unassuming façade you would never expect the beauty inside.

As you pass through the heavy wooden door, you come into a small sitting area.

From there you pass through a small garden area with a fountain.

Meredith and Chuck's room is located just up the stairs on the second floor.

Back on the ground floor, a corridor leads to the pool area at the back.

There is abundant use of the beautiful tiles that are typical of Mérida's architecture.  

A small pool is at the back of the property.

Alejandro and I share a poolside room.  Ours is the room to the left.  We have a little terrace next to the pool.

Some of the flowers in the hotel's courtyards...


bougainvillea climbing a wall...

Outside our room is a plant known in Spanish as "flor de mayo".  We call it plumaria.  At the moment there is only one blossom on the plant, but it is quite lovely.

The hotel's hallways and public areas feature a range of Mexican handicrafts and original paintings.

"Luz en Yucatán" is a tranquil and beautiful retreat in the city of Mérida.


  1. I'm glad you took so many photos of the artwork inside the hotel, because I didn't, and there were so many beautiful pieces! I'm also regretting not snapping a picture of the table of complimentary liquors near the office. Before the trip, we had read something on their website along the lines of, "If you don't trust drinking the water, be sure to drink our alcohol," and we had thought it was a joke. We enjoyed sampling the local brands...and it was good for me to learn that Xtabentun was not my thing before I ordered it in any cocktails. (hehehe)

    1. I took a picture of the liquor cart, so that will be on your DVD. Well, I guess on your next trip to Yucatán I get to drink your share of the X'tabentún! :-)