Sunday, May 12, 2024

Viva, Jalisco!

At the end of our day downtown last weekend, we were walking down Madero Street heading to the Metrobus to return to the apartment.

As we passed by the Church of Francisco, next door to the Latin American Tower (pictured above), there were costumed performers handing out flyers advertising a show that was to be held in the church atrium.  The show was to feature the dances and music of the state of Jalisco.  Jalisco is the origin of mariachi music, which is what most foreigners think of when they think of Mexican music.

The show was going to begin momentarily, and the tickets only cost fifty pesos (about 3 dollars), so we decided to attend.

The dancers could not compare to the Ballet Folkórico de México, but they weren't bad.

Here they are performing the "jarabe tapatío", the dance which is better known to "gringos" as the Mexican Hat Dance.

There were several singers performing traditional songs, and they were quite terrible.  One lady, the worst of them all, had the audacity to sell compact discs of her music after the show.  I wonder if anyone purchased any?  

Believe it or not, this fellow was the best of the lot...

He is singing "El Rey", a very popular song which is a satirical anthem to Mexican "machismo".

No tengo trono ni reina
Ni nadie que me comprenda
Pero sigo siendo el rey.

I have no throne or queen
Nor anyone who understands me,
but I continue being the king!

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