Thursday, May 23, 2024

At Iturbide's Palace

After our disappointment of not being able to see the "Feria del Mundo", we walked to Iturbide's Palace, an 18th century mansion in the heart of the Historic Center.  I have written about the palace numerous times, because it is the headquarters of the "Fomento Cultural Banamex", a non-profit organization founded by the Bank of Mexico to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of Mexico.  Every year they have several exhibits at the palace that are free to the public.  A new exhibit had opened which we had not seen yet, so we decided to go there.  Actually, there were three exhibits... one on the ground floor in the palace courtyard and two upstairs.  I would not rank any of them among the most spectacular exhibits that I have seen there, but they were all interesting.

Downstairs there was a display of more than 200 works by the Dutch-born artist Jan Hendrix.  In 1978 he moved to Mexico where he lives and works to this day.  The inspiration for his work is nature, in particular, the world of botany.  His works include large tapestries, silk-screen prints, pottery and metalwork.

Alejandro stands in front of a large tapestry depicting a mangrove.

More tapestries

His silkscreens are printed on silver.

Medicinal plants depicted on enameled metal

Large pieces of pottery

Alejandro poses in front of a metal sculpture.

Miracle of miracles!  Here is a contemporary artist whose works I actually find appealing!

In the next post we will go upstairs to see the other two exhibits.

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