Monday, May 6, 2024

Ready to Paint

When I made the move to Mexico City, one of the things I had shipped down was my artist's easel.  I set it up in the office.  The previous owner used the office as an exercise room, and there were plastic mats on the floor.  So, I don't have to worry about dripping paint on the carpet.  I had also brought tubes of acrylic paint, and I bought some more at the Sunday artists' market.  I cleared out the stuff left by the former owner from a cabinet in the office.  I am using that to store my painting supplies.  I bought a plastic tablecloth to cover the cabinet when I am painting.  On my recent trip to Ohio, I bought some canvas boards.  I forgot to buy a palette, but I am using a shallow Tupperware container.  I have a couple of yogurt containers for my brushes and water.  Everything is now set up to get back to painting again.

Since I took that photo, I actually began a painting that I will use for my Christmas card this year.  The picture is already half completed.  When I have finished, I will take it to a printer and have cards made.  I will make the cards out, and on my next trip to Ohio I will buy stamps and give the cards to a friend to mail after Thanksgiving.

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