Thursday, May 2, 2024

A Festival of Flowers

Polanco is one of Mexico City's most affluent neighborhoods.  Its principal street, Avenida Presidente Masaryk has been called the Rodeo Drive of Mexico City, and it is lined with exclusive designer shops.  It's really too ritzy for my taste, but I do enjoy coming to Polanco to see their annual Festival of Flowers. Throughout the district, businesses, especially those along Presidente Masaryk, are decked out with floral displays.

The festival was held last Thursday through Sunday, and on Friday I went there.  Here are some photos...



This archway leads off the avenue and into a courtyard of fancy stores and restaurants.

The name of the bistro in the background is rather appropriate for this neighborhood.

I am back on the avenue now.  There were lots of people who were there to see the flowers, and sometimes it was impossible to photograph the displays without sometimes including people who were posing for pictures.

BVVA, formerly Bancomer, is one of the major banks in Mexico.

The floral car outside of BVVA says, "Insure your auto."  Apparently, BVVA also has an insurance branch.

Banorte is another major chain of banks.  Unlike BBVA, which is Spanish-owned, Banorte is Mexican owned.
Their Polanco branch is always nicely decorated in the national colors of red and green for the festival.

Pineda Covalin is a Mexican designer.  The Polanco shop is always one of the best decorated stores in the festival.

I have only covered one side of the avenue.  There are more photos to come in the next post.

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