Saturday, May 25, 2024

A Unique Store

In the Historic Center of Mexico is a very unique store called "La Torre de Papel" (The Tower of Paper).

The store is located in a corner of the building which houses the Journalists Club of Mexico.  It is a bookstore, but this is not the type of bookstore where you would go to buy a paperback of the latest bestseller.  The merchandise is very eclectic and unique.  One of the specialties of the shop is miniature books.  Since my cousin Gail collects miniature books, I have been here a number of times to buy books for her collection.  I have had pleasant conversations with the lady that owns the store, but on my last visit she told me that she will be closing down the business in the near future.

Last Saturday when we were downtown, we passed by the store, and I saw that it was still open.  Alejandro had never been there before, so we went inside.  The owner remembered me, and once again we had a nice conversation.  She is still talking about closing the store.

I was looking at the miniature books, and I saw one that I HAD to buy for my cousin... a collection of the works of the Cuban poet, José Martí.  Marti (without the accent on the "i") is the last name of our Swiss ancestors.  I bought the book, but now I am trying to recall, "Did I already buy her a book of Marti's works?"  

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