Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Let There Be Light

In my office there is a pair of bookshelves, one on either side of my desk.  Those shelves hold not only books, but a bunch of knickknacks... handicrafts from my travels and numerous mementos.  The only problem is that those knickknacks did not show up very well.  There was a lack of light.

When I was in Ohio in April, I saw some little battery-operated, under shelf lights in a store.  They were just what I needed, and I bought a couple of two-packs.  When I got back to Mexico put them on the shelves, and they looked good.  However, I had only purchased four, and I have six shelves with knickknacks on them.

Alejandro and I were at a nearby mall, and we went into a store called Sternen to buy some rechargeable batteries for the lights.  Sternen is a chain that is similar to our old Radio Shack. (And by the way, Radio Shack still exists in Mexico.)  I asked if they happened to have any lights similar to what I had bought in Ohio.  Not only did they have under shelf lights, but, except for the Sternen brand name, they were EXACTLY the same as what I already had.

So, now all of my trinkets are illuminated.


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