Friday, May 31, 2024

Another New Piece of Furniture

You may remember that several months ago I had a piece of furniture custom-made at a workshop.  I liked the finished product, so I went back and had them make a long, low table on which I could put houseplants in front of the living room window.

It only took them a little over a week to build the table, and last Sunday they delivered it.  Once again, I was pleased with their work.  

My three houseplants are now sitting on the table.  From left to right they are:  my repotted poinsettia from last Christmas, my newly purchased aphelandra or zebra plant, and my orchid which is surviving.  They are all potted in a very Mexican style of pottery known as Talavera ware.

On the bottom shelf I put some pieces of glassware that the former owners had left in the apartment.

Earlier this spring I showed you a photo of my poinsettia which I had cut down to just some bare branches.  The plant has sprouted lots of new foliage.  We will see if I can get it to blossom next Christmas.


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